Electoral count

  • Hour 1 of 1-4-21
  • A growing amount of Republicans now say they will not vote to confirm the election of former VP Joe Biden. They believe there is still too much unknown when it comes to the allegations of voter fraud in the election. On January 6th, some expect these Republicans to overturn the election – will it happen? President Trump’s audio was leaked on a phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State, asking the state to find votes for him. Jason Snead gives his thoughts and counsel. On top of all of this is the Georgia Senate runoff, where the control of the Senate and the House could flip to Democratic leadership. We will continue to follow the latest on this.
  • Did you hear that President Trump made an important proclamation on the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket? 850 years later, the president said this. He is standing with those who have been killed for the faith and wants those who have been martyred to be remembered. Chad Pecknold is in to discuss, and he believes that we will never see anything like this from Biden.
  • Fr. Nicholas Federspiel is in to talk about The 200th anniversary of St Elizabeth Ann Seton’s death. St. Seton was no stranger to suffering; Father explains how much she suffered and yet she was able to give it to the Lord. Father also adds that things won’t be easy for us these next 4 years, but in order to be a saint, we must suffer and we must offer it to the Lord. We cannot expect life to be easy if we want to get to heaven.