Georgia Senate runoff and electoral vote

  • Hour 1 of 1-5-21
  • Eyes are on VP Mike Pence to see how he will handle the electoral confirmation tomorrow. President Trump has been putting pressure on him to support overturning the results, yet what he can do and what he will do remains to be seen. Prominent Republicans like Sen Cruz and Sen. Hawley will vote against the vote confirmation. On top of all of this is the Georgia runoff for the Senate. America’s future remains in the balance, and President Trump has been warning Georgia voters that a vote for Ossoff and Warnoff is a vote for socialism. Sohrab Ahmari joins to discuss all of this.
  • Pope Francis has called this year the Year of St. Joseph! Consider deepening your devotion to the earthly father of Jesus and ask for his intercession. Did you know that there will be other important church years coming up too? What are they and what is Pope Francis’ reasoning? Msgr. James Shea gives insight.