Markets and Entertainment

  • Hour 3 of 1-8-21
  • The stocks don’t always correlate with the news and events of the world, as CNBC put it, “the markets don’t have feelings.” Peter Grandich does not believe we should be optimistic about the market’s future and says we ought to play it safe. Read his current outlook for 2021 – read more of his writing here. He writes: “It’s my firm belief that when this current “melt-up” in the U.S. stock market ends like a bottle rocket that went farther than normal and then “poof”, those of us who have firmly placed ourselves in the foxhole will be most grateful for years to come.”
  • Hollywood has been so disdainful of the conservative movement, and The Daily Wire is tired of it. They want to create a solid footprint in entertainment, so they gained the rights to distribute a film on their platform, which has a pro-2A perspective. They want to cater to the conservatives who are tired of being preached to and looked down upon. Will it work from a business standpoint? Christian Toto gives his perspective on this as well as a new Indiana Jones film.