Media bias in Biden administration

  • Hour 1 of 1-26-21
  • The impeachment trial is taking up time within the Senate, and Sen Schumer wants a swift impeachment process. However, many Republicans have said that they will not support convicting former President Trump. Time will tell what happens, but many await to see what Sen. McConnell is planning to do, along with other establishment Republicans like Cong. Liz Cheney. Drew gives you an update on the latest.
  • The media has been fawning over President Biden. For most of them, he can do no wrong. It’s quite a difference within the spheres of left-wing media in terms of how they covered this administration as opposed to the last one. They’ve spent time covering his dog adoption, bagel runs, and they don’t seem to care much for the Hunter Biden investigation. However, Politico broke rank by bringing up President Biden’s potential memory loss problems. However, many in the mainstream media want to censor the right wing networks. Hear more discussion on media bias from Rich Noyes.
  • The 1776 Commission was started by President Trump as a counter narrative to the 1619 Project. The Biden administration has now gutted this commission. President Biden believes that slaves have not been given their proper due, and he wants African Americans to receive more equity. For this reason, he set up a racial equity project which was announced today. Dr. Carol Swain takes issues with the BLM movement, critical race theory, and other methods to bring about racial justice because they embrace Marxist ideology. She also does not believe reparations are necessary. Hear more thoughts from her in this hour.