Mexico City Policy/Equality Act/Minimum Wage

  • Hour 1 of 1-28-21
  • It was expected, but still tragic to hear that President Biden has rescinded the Mexico City Policy, advancing abortion internationally. Drew shares this unfortunate news and gets you caught up on the impeachment conviction. Democrats know that not enough Republicans will vote to convict, so now Democrats want to settle on a censure of Trump.
  • Remember the Equality Act? It lingered around for a few years but will now most likely be passed under the Biden Administration. It seeks to give LGBT people more leverage, forcing organizations to accommodate and even violate their religious convictions. The bill may seem to be about acceptance, but it only will cause more damage in the fight for religious freedom. Hear from Dr. Kenneth Craycraft on this.
  • President Biden has signaled that he wants an increase in minimum wage. It could be up to 15 dollars an hour! Will this cause more job losses? Or is this something that Catholics should cheer for? Catholic teaching on worker’s rights and a suitable wage – what amounts to “enough” money? It’s a complicated answer, but Dr. Bob Kennedy joins the show to give you perspective.