President Lincoln’s inaugural address

  • Hour 3 of 1-19-21
  • Get some history this hour as we go back to the time of President Lincoln. When he was inaugurated, there was certainly no sense of peace and unity. The South was at odds with the North and succession was a hot topic. How did President Lincoln bring about unity and order, and what did he say to bring peace to a hurting nation? We could learn a thing or two if we look at what is happening in our country today. Hear thoughts from John Cribb. Cribb encourages President Elect Biden to channel in the words of President Lincoln.
  • A look at all things COVID with Dr. Bob Tiballi. He gives his analysis on the new COVID variant which has been spreading. He is asked about the merits and effectiveness of the lockdown and why states like FL, (which have little to no restrictions,) don’t have more cases than restricted states like CA. Doctor also addresses the common point people make when they say COVID deaths are being inaccurately reported. We continue to pray for every person being affected by this pandemic.