Pro-life conversion for Tulsi Gabbard?

  • Hour 1 of 12-29-20
  • Get a news roundup with Drew! HHS Secretary Alex Azar is hopeful about the vaccine, and believes that FDA approval will happen soon. You might be scared about all of this, and you may wonder if you are someday going to be forced to take this vaccine. Drew gives insight and tells you whether or not the government will force you to do it. Also, Former VP Biden and Sen Harris were selected as the TIME Person of the Year. Drew shares his disappointment with the decision.
  • Did you hear that Tulsi Gabbard introduced a bill which would protect babies who survive abortions? She also has another bill which says that men should not be able to play in any women sports. Is she going conservative? Sadly, we need to pray for her, as she still takes a pro-choice position. Mary Hallan FioRito met her dad, who she believes is pro-life.  While she disagrees with Tulsi, she is hopeful that she could one day come to see the evil of abortion. Hear her comments on this, and also, learn why someone thinks Christmas lights are offensive. What??? Someone is triggered by lights this time of year. And a Santa at a mall told a kid that  he would not get a Nerf Gun – the boy was mortified!! Why are so many people getting so PC?