Pro-life news in 2021

  • Hour 3 of 1-5-21
  • President Trump has done so much for the pro-life movement, and there are legitimate fears that Biden and Sen Harris will undo these pro-life accomplishments. Biden, who claims to be a Catholic, has flipped on the Hyde Amendment. Planned Parenthood is cheering him for his pro-abortion agenda. And now, MA is a state that has lowered the age for young people to get an abortion without parental consent. Even Argentina, which was once pro-life, has gone down the pro-abortion hellhole. Where is the hope in all of this and what can we expect for the pro-life movement in 2021? Will there be a March for Life this year? Mallory Quigley is in.
  • Some have concerns about vaccines being mandatory – Dr. Fauci is asking for about 85 percent vaccination nationwide in order to get to herd immunity. And when it comes to flying, it looks like you may need to get vaccinated. So will you feel OK about getting one? What about another national lockdown? Dr. Barbara Golder gives her thoughts.