The Dave Durand Show January 16 – Progress and Hope in the New Year

Amateur vs Professional – Changes are a part of life and business. How can we tell the difference between good changes and bad changes?

Q & A

  • I’ve been working in my field for 11 years. I recently took a new job, at a new company. It’s different than anything I’ve done. How do I stay open to new ideas, and their policies, while showing them I know what I’m doing? I’ve turned from professional to novice. Any idea?
  • As a small business owner, I am afraid to commit to investing into the future of my company.  I fear political unrest and or a radically changing economy.  Do you see other business owners thinking the same thing? And if so, is it wise to invest in the future of my company with the uncertainty ahead?
  • I lead a national business with several hundred locations. Our numbers are already way down over the same time last year. I don’t really know what to say to the team to get things back on track. How do you keep things positive when the numbers aren’t positive?