The Dave Durand Show January 23 – Fighting Fair

Amateur vs. Professional – Here’s 7 differences that separate amateurs and professionals when it comes to fighting

The List – Fighting is necessary in leadership, but when should we fight, and what should we fight against?

Q & A

  • A competitor bad mouths me on a regular basis. He falsely attacks the quality of my work and spreads rumors about my integrity. How do I fight back?
  • Some of the younger hires in my company (early 20s) are passive-aggressively creating strife. When I talk to them it starts “he said-she said”
    gossip. It’s starting to spread to other employees. How to I stop this?
  •  You mentioned fighting the good fight at work. I’m exhausted in doing this. My boss is a jerk, and I’m constantly cleaning up his messes with our team. I feel like my own integrity is in question because I am constantly trying to clean up his problems. When is enough, enough and should I find some place else to work?
  • I am my biggest enemy. I feel like I am in a fight against myself on a daily basis. Sadly I have a 30 year track record at work of a losing battle. Can I start winning that battle at my age? I’m feeling a bit like giving up.