The Patrick Madrid Show: January 04, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Starting the year off with some good news: A Police officer pays for homeless woman’s stolen goods instead of taking her to jail
  • The prayer to open the 117th Congress ended with “AMEN and AWOMEN”
  • Joseph – If non-Christians have joy, how can we use joy in an argument for why we are Catholic.
  • ER nurse tests positive for COVID-19 days after first dose of vaccine, reminder protection not instant.
  • Argentina Passes Bill Legalizing Killing Babies in Abortions for Any Reason
  • Hilaria Baldwin defends fluctuating accent, admits name is ‘Hillary’ – Patrick asks, why are the same people that are upset over her changing her accent okay with people changing their gender?
  • Jason – watched a Netflix documentary on the twitter mob.
  • Joseph – vaccine does not guard against the incubation period.