The Patrick Madrid Show: January 07, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Patrick opens the show with a heartfelt appeal for calm and open mindedness, as people take stock of the attack on the US Capital yesterday. Acknowledging that tensions are high and Americans are polarized, antagonized, and mutually suspicious, he urges people to turn to God in prayer as a solution to our national crisis.
  • Irina – There is division in our country
  • Vicki – She believes in protesting but when it turned to violence, it goes too far
  • Bill – Comments on the events of yesterday and the possible persecution of the Church moving forward
  • Pat – Is it possible that these protesters were BLM or Antifa dressed as Trump supporters?
  • Rebecca – Whatever happens, God will be with us.
  • American Airlines bans alcohol on DC flights after Capitol riots
  • Joyce – Is sick of Patrick disrespecting non-Catholics. Who does he think he is?