Third Parties and America’s next step

  • Hour 3 of 1-25-21
  • President Trump was toying with the idea of launching a third party, possibly called The Patriot Party. He has reportedly thrown out the idea, but it does raise the question. Would a new conservative party work? Some say that the Republican party has not supported President Trump in his time of need and has been tainted. Others are concerned that it would siphon away conservative votes. Hear what Dr. Michael Coulter thinks. How does he feel about third parties in general and what does it take to get them going?
  • Also, how should this nation heal and move forward? What should we make of a president who claims to be Catholic but is extremely pro-abortion? Hear from Cong. Dan Lipinski, who was one of the few remaining pro-lifers in the Democratic party. He gives his thoughts on faithful Catholic citizenship, and encourages you to stay strong and stay in the fight.