Transgender push in culture

  • Hour 3 of 1-28-21
  • President Biden has signed an executive order mandating that transgender people be allowed to compete in women’s sports, even if they are not actually a woman. How is this fair to young girls who are not as strong as the men allowed in? The fallout has been noteworthy, as many feminists are protesting this decision. The Church calls us to love our neighbor who struggles with their gender and identity, but it is not Church teaching to capitulate and support the LGBT movement this way. Mary Rice Hasson dives into this more.
  • Also, a Reddit forum has taken on the institutional investors on Wall Street! When hedge funds were found to have shorted stocks belonging to Game Stop, AMC, and BlackBerry, these small investors on social media decided to gobble up more stock. Then they caused a short squeeze, leading these funds to bleed out. What are the implications of this and what should we make of it! Hear analysis from Chris Temple.