Acquittal for Trump

  • Hour 1 of 2-15-21
  • Drew begins the show giving you a look at the cold weather plaguing the nation right now. Even TX is seeing jaw-dropping low temps! Many states are in for some cold weather for this week, so stay safe and vigilant. Get the latest on where this is all headed.
  • Impeachment has come to a full stop this past weekend, as the former president was acquitted. The defense laid out a case that Trump did not incite the insurrection on Jan. 6th, so a 2/3rds majority in the Senate did not vote for convict. Sen. McConnell did not vote guilty, but he still had some condemning words for the 45th president. But were the words that Trump used actually violent? Weren’t they just political rhetoric? That is the case the defense made, and Drew and Dr. Paul Kengor explain why they agree.
  • Fr. Francis Hoffman, or better known as Fr. Rocky, is here to tell you about the Lenten Lessons which you can sign up for here! This year, you can enjoy a special video counterpart as well, and Fr. Rocky explains how they were able to make that happen. He’ll walk you through the Mass in these Lenten Lessons, and he gets into what the most important part of the Mass is. He is also asked if there will be a Spanish translation as well.