Assisted Suicide laws/Relativism

  • Hour 1 of 2-16-21
  • Drew gives you a news roundup from issues raging from the cold weather to what Rep. Swalwell stupidly said about God being a woman. People in TX are suffering in the cold with no power, and some blame the frozen wind turbines. Turbines are not operating in TX, and the state has grown largely dependent on renewable energies. Pray for those in need right now!
  • There are some assisted suicide laws at risk of being put through. You wouldn’t be suprised that some are in liberal states like New York. But you would be shocked that some of them are in more conservative states like Iowa too! Get the full list of states, and hear what is being done to fight this with Alex Schadenberg.
  • Msgr James Shea stops by to talk about relativism in our culture. Pope Benedict once said that a problem in our world is the “dictatorship of relativism.” We live in a society that believes there is no objective truth. Culture says that people can make up their own conscience, but we as Catholics know that there is one truth, in the person of Jesus Christ.