Biden and the Catholic faith

  • Hour 3 of 2-16-21
  • Brian Burch is in to discuss the Faith-Focused White House office which was opened up again. It had been around during the Bush administration and other presidents as well, but suprisingly, President Trump did not get around to opening it. However, Brian explains why he is skeptical about this office; he says it will favor progressive causes and not protect other Catholic priorities like life and the family.
  • President Biden might go to Mass and pray the Rosary, but his faith certainly does not seem evident with his policies. From abortion to religious freedom, he is on the exact opposite side that a Catholic ought to be on. And he seems to be going along with what the progressives want him to do. Pray that he takes a stand for what is good, true, and moral. Mary Eberstadt wrote a great article which you can read here, and she joins Drew for insight.