Equity vs. Equality

  • Hour 1 of 2-25-21
  • A news roundup with Drew on a possible UFO sighting on an American Airlines flight! Could it have been legitimate? It is not being ruled out. And MSM news outlets are largely ignoring the Gov. Cuomo scandal, but we’ll tell you about the hot water he is in. Also, why are some rivers changing to the colors yellow and green? Drew tells you about these recent findings.
  • President Biden signed an order bringing about “racial equity.” How is this different than equality? Is the term “equity” more of a “woke, socialist” initiative? It has certainly become a buzz word. Hear what Andy McCarthy says, and read his column here.
  • President Lincoln expert John Cribb is in to talk about what President Lincoln would have said about the mobs and riots we saw over the summer. In this movement of wanting to ‘cancel’ America, Cribb is sounding the alarm. Read an important article here. It reads: “”Yet today at The Washington Post, New York Times, and at the top of our government, the privileged and ignorant children of our country tell Americans our experiment is tainted, our Revolution was for evil, our Civil War was not enough.”