Impeachment trial

  • Hour 1 of 2-8-21
  • On Tuesday, the Senate will take up the impeachment trial against former President Trump. Some claim he caused the violence to happen at the Capitol, but what is the point of impeaching someone no longer in office? Is it even constitutional? Many Republicans say it is not. So is this all just a political sham? Andy McCarthy is in with his insight.
  • It’s a win for religious liberty! The Supreme Court ruled against California having churches closed, so now people in that state will be able to return to Mass. Limited numbers of people will still be required, though. Those on the court that ruled this way argued that there is an unfair double standard, allowing Hollywood to have movie sets, but no love is given to people who want to practice their faith. The liberals on the Supreme Court did not agree with the final ruling, however, saying that “we need to follow what the scientists and health experts are saying.” Drew says this is a pretty weak argument on their behalf. Hear more from Eric Kniffin.
  • Drew, Patrick, and Jake rehash the Super Bowl. Did you watch it? Tom Brady took home another Super Bowl win, this time with Tampa Bay. There was a very peculiar halftime show with The Weekend which got mixed reviews, and only a few ads stood out. There was one ad, though, which was very pro-life in its messaging. Learn all about it!