Life is winning!

  • Hour 1 of 2-2-21
  • Don’t you love it when you hear about an abortion clinic closing down?  There is one in Chicago that is reported to have closed, and Eric Scheidler is in to tell you more. Never forget that you are on the right side of history! Life is winning, and there will be an end to abortion. Eric is the son of the pro-life hero, Joe Scheidler. There will be a special tribute which you can learn about here.
  • Hear from 40 Days for Life Founder, Shawn Carney. You may remember him as the one who helped Abby Johnson leave Planned Parenthood. The ministry has saved so many babies! And he has worked with so many people who have chosen to leave the industry; his witness should give you hope. You can learn more about 40 Days for Life here.
  • Msgr James Shea talks about today’s special feast day, the Feast of the Presentation!