Missing the Point?

Amateur vs Professional – Do you ever ask someone a question, and when they answer, they don’t actually answer the question at all? Dave breaks down “Hitting the Point vs. Missing the Point”

Q & A

  • I feel like the top brass in my company has no idea what my department does. I get myself into trouble because I’m not afraid to defend my team from attacks from above, and I’m not afraid to tell them they are wrong. This is dampening my relationship with leaders and it may be threatening my future. Should I just be quiet and take it? Or is speaking out the right thing to do, even if it risks my career?
  • I’m a very competent sales professional of over 25 years. However, in my new role at a new company, I am being micromanaged. I can’t believe how many reports I am required to provide. Every, call, meeting, and practically every bathroom break is reported. I feel like I’d sell twice as much without all of the reporting, and frankly I might quit because I need more space and trust. Should I say something?
  • How do you ignite higher levels of problem solving and creativity? I feel my team is stagnant and falling behind competition.
  • How do you suggest putting goals on paper? (Paper is a metaphor of course). I seem to miss my mark whenever I set goals. I’m a bit of an optimist and I think it hurts. But I feel like if I don’t put high goals on paper, I’m not “dreaming big” enough as my boss always promotes with our team.
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