Pagans for President Biden/Equality Act

  • Hour 3 of 2-26-21
  • It’s interesting to note a recent survey which indicates that weekly Mass going Catholics are more likely to vote for a non-Catholic they believe is moral and upholds teachings on life, when it comes to the presidency. Catholics who don’t go to Mass as often are more likely to vote for someone like President Biden, who says he is a Catholic but is openly pro-abortion and pro-SSM. Hear more about this study, and the alarming number of President Biden voters who are pagan or practice witchcraft. Scary stuff. Dr. Paul Kengor is in to discuss this. You can read his article here.
  • Another scary thing happening is the Equality Act which will more than likely get passed; it’s already gone through the House and it’s up to the Senate now. This may seem like a harmless bill, but it would favor LGBT rights over religious freedoms. It would do grave damage to women, our children, and the culture as a whole. Moral degeneration would certainly come about, and it’s up to us to speak out. Mary Rice Hasson has more.