Pandemic affecting kids’ mental health

  • Hour 1 of 2-9-21
  • Drew starts with a news roundup on issues related to Catholic school, the impeachment trial, President Biden’s desire to increase minimum wage, and also Facebook/big tech censorship. Get some follow up to the great conversation we had with Dr. Paul Kengor about how his work is being censored online. And one person wrote an email explaining his frustration with big tech promoting violence; you need to hear what he says. President Biden wants the US to focus on wind and solar energy; his plan is to move the country away from energy that he says is hurting the planet. Ben Zycher gives his thoughts on the energy policies being implemented.
  • The pandemic is really hurting many people; young people’s mental health is being severely impacted. It is causing a rise in the suicide rates, and Deacon Ed Shoener has been impacted in a personal way. Hear about his loss, as well as the passion he has for helping people at risk of taking their life. He explains that it’s actually not young people most at risk of suicide; find out who is!