Planned Parenthood’s recent report

  • Hour 1 of 2-22-21
  • Get a news roundup on issues like Amazon censoring a book written by Ryan T. Anderson. Drew tells you what show Disney Plus is now adding a content disclaimer on because of racism. And did you know that math is now racist? Get all this and more.
  • You know how pro-abortion advocates argue that Planned Parenthood isn’t only about abortion? They say that abortion only accounts for a limited amount of their work and revenue. But their latest report refutes that claim, proving that abortion truly is their main focus. Michael New explains the findings, and also discusses the impact the Equality Act would have on the pro-life cause.
  • Tom Jones, an astronaut, is in to talk about NASA’s Perseverance rover. A former NASA expert recently added that there are indications that there may be life on Mars. Will the US be able to get to Mars again? What would it take to make that happen and would we have the money?