President Biden and the nuclear code

  • Hour 3 of 2-25-21
  • Talks are now afloat that President Biden may lend away his sole power to control the nuclear code. Often called the “nuclear football,” he would be agreeing to power share one of the most important duties as chief executive. Are they doubting his ability to make these decisions? Or is it about checks and balances? Msgr Stuart Swetland believes that the answer lies more within checks and balances, and that President Biden’s credibility on nuclear warfare would be the right time to make this change. Read his article on nuclear warfare and the Church’s teachings here.
  • If you’ve seen Indiana Jones, you know about the Ark of the Covenant. It’s an important treasure in Biblical history, and it cannot be found. Some wonder whether it will ever be found! Drew believes it won’t, because Mary is the new Ark of the Covenant. Hear thoughts on this from Dr. John Bergsma.