Presidents’ faith and COVID update

  • Hour 3 of 2-15-21
  • Today is Presidents Day! Was it actually President George Washington’s birthday as well? Not exactly, but you can learn about that in this hour. Also, is it true that President Washington saw a vision of Mary? Was he a religious man? Drew explores presidents’ faith lives with Msgr Charles Pope. They reflect on the good that President Trump did in spite of his moral imperfections. They also call out President Biden’s failures to live up to his Catholic faith.
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi visits this hour and gives you an update on all things COVID. From vaccine distribution to the COVID case numbers, you’ll learn how the US is doing in the midst of this pandemic. There’s also concerns about the COVID variant coming out of the UK, and NBC News reports that it could be more deadly. Also, how long will the vaccine actually last in your body if you get it? They discuss this and more.