Rise in murder rates

  •  Hour 1 of 2-12-21
  • Drew begins the hour with an update on impeachment. Hear some of the defense laid out for the former president. Did he really incite an insurrection? Although liberals are trying to make that case, the defense is pushing back, arguing that Trump explicitly said to “protest peacefully.” There is also controversy for Gov. Cuomo, as there was admission from an aide that the nursing home death numbers were misreported intentionally. The number of people who died in nursing homes were actually far higher than reported, so this poses serious concern about the ethics and decision making in the state of NY from the very top levels. Get news on the LGBT push in society, affecting kids shows like Blues Clues. Also, an actress named Gina Corano was fired by Disney for comments she made. Cancel culture at its finest; she was cancelled for saying that Republicans are like Jews in the way that they have been unfairly treated. A conservative news source has already announced that she would star in their next movie, though.
  • There has been an uptick in murder and violence in major cities, including Chicago and Minneapolis. Why is this? Is it that police officers are no longer able to do their job? Is it what Mayor Lightfoot said, that people are worn out from the pandemic? What is contributing to this violence and what can be done? Hear from Dr. Charles Nemeth.
  • Fr. Kaz Chwalek is in to reflect on the legacy of Fr. Seraphim, a Marian priest who passed away last night. He was a great champion of Divine Mercy! He helped to spread the message given to St. Faustina. Pray for his soul, as well as his community.