Tech companies setting up their own government

  • Hour 1 of 2-10-21
  • Get a news roundup on the latest issues of the day! Drew plays some of the audio from the impeachment trial, particularly what Trump’s defense had to say. He claims that the former president was never given any due process he deserved. Also, have you heard that Mt. Everest got taller? Well, in a way it did. Hear about this and more.
  • Eric Ebner tells you about a water treatment facility which was hacked. It’s a cautionary warning for us, of just how easy it is for an outsider to get into a system and cause havoc. Thankfully no one was harmed or hurt, but we still need to take this incident seriously. Eric Ebner is in, and he explains how this type of security threat could have been prevented; find out how.
  • A bill in Nevada would allow tech companies to set up their own local government. These areas would be governed by the tech company, itself, assuming that they have enough land and money in place to make it possible. How do you feel about this? Would it help economically or cause more harm? Hear from Dr. Karl Stephan.