Ten Signs You’re a Bad Boss… and How to Become a Great One

Amateur vs. Professional – 10 signs that you’re an amateur boss, and how to become a pro!

Q & A

  • I just purchased a small business that is financially healthy, but the culture is not. I need to reinvent the culture or the finances will erode too. Any quick turnaround tips for infusing a new culture?


  • I am in a multi-billion dollar business. I’m in senior leadership, but there are still a few layers above me. I feel like I’m creating a great culture but the toxicity from above me seeps in and I feel like I’m shoveling it out faster than it comes in. How do I insulate my team better?


  • I feel stuck this year, you mentioned getting “unstuck.” What advice do you have for getting unstuck?


  • My CEO is losing his top people at breakneck speed. Exit interviews explicitly state that people abhor him in nearly every way. I am his metaphorical punching bag. I have no choice but to stay because the salary is good and I have bills to pay. I can’t even find time to explore leaving because he is pounding me 7 days a week. He literally said “I want 100% of your mindshare, at home, at night, all week. I want it.” I have a family and am at wits end. How can I get him to back off? Should I try?