Texas power outage and winter storm

  • Hour 3 of 2-18-21
  • Sterling Burnett is in to talk about the ineffectiveness of green energy, especially with what we have seen in TX. As wind turbines have frozen in TX, as they weren’t properly insulated, many argue that this is why there were power outages. Do we need to continue to rely on traditional forms of energy? Maybe wind and solar are not enough for sustainment. Hear what Sterling thinks.
  • What if you were to experience a power outage? What would you do? Would you be ready? What are the chances this could happen? If an EMP attack happened, it could destroy our nation’s power grid, and most of the government has not prepared for this reality. Dr. Peter Pry is here to talk about this. He encourages you to be proactive and take action by contacting your elected officials. Learn more about this.