The Patrick Madrid Show: February 12, 2021 – Hour 2

Special Guest Jim Burnham

  • Marie – When did Jesus know He was God? Also, my daughter has a classmate who is an atheist and I need some resources to help her.
  • Ben – I’m already doing Exodus 90 but for Lent I will give up hitting the snooze button
  • Lucy – Comment on marriage and the difficulties.
  • Susan – First night of the honeymoon my husband and I prayed at the side of the bed.
  • Paige – On marriage: The harder it is, the better it gets.
  • Mike – Going through RCIA and having marital problems
  • Susan – Should you pray for someone who is a Satanist?
  • Vito – My wife and I first met when we were 6 years old and new each other for 83 years.