The Patrick Madrid Show: February 23, 2021 – Hour 3

  • MARIA – Is it ok to have sex after menopause?
  • Rocio – Comment about the woman who is worried about her marriage.
  • Dave – Male comment on NFP and the beauty of it. We need to place the body at the service of the intellect.
  • Joe – Does the Church still teach about Limbo.
  • Troy – Disagrees with Patrick on salvation.
  • Rich – Question about a disgraced ex priest who lives in a lake house with this pastor.
  • Veronica – Married, Catholic, Uses NFP, has question about birth Control. Doctor wants her to take the pill. I don’t want to but my monthly cycle is erratic.
  • Kimberly – How does Patrick identify himself? A catholic First? etc…when it comes to debating a dissenter. We need to get down to the Truth. There is heaven and hell, period.