Trafficking at Super Bowl

  • Hour 1 of 2-4-21
  • Get a news roundup with the latest stories. COVID variants have been found all over the world, and could be totalled up to 4000! Is this true?? Also, should schools be reopening now? Many teachers are striking as they don’t want to be forced to return back without getting vaccinated first. Medical professionals are saying it is time, though. Also, hear what famous Hollywood actor has defended law enforcement!
  • The Super Bowl is an exciting time for many, but is also sadly a time when sex trafficking is rampant. Fans of the big game don’t often realize how much money is pulled in from these immoral plague in our nation. And of course, trafficking happens all year round too. What can you do about it? Hear from Jeff Keith from The Guardian Group.
  • Clare Dwyer stops by to tell you about St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.