Working from home/Fasting

  • Hour 1 of 2-26-21
  • A news roundup with Drew on issues facing our country. Reports about an airstrike in Syria which was ordered by President Biden is at the start of the show. Also, it looks like the Equality Act could be passed. It would demolish our religious freedoms and put Catholics at risk of being cancelled. Are you ready to stand up for your faith? It’s coming!
  • New trends indicate that many more people are working from home. This is obviously because of the pandemic and the way that companies had to adjust in this time. But will this now be the new norm? Will people continue to remain at home? Hear from Kevin Turley.
  • Have you fasted recently? It has the power to do wonders in your spiritual life! This Lent, consider giving that a try. But how severe should you be? How often should you do it? Drew Mason has great advice.