Downsides of clean energy

  • Hour 1 of 3-1-21
  • One of the fallouts from the TX power outage was that new, alternative forms of energy like windmills and solar panels got lots of flack. Some on the right used what happened as proof that these forms of clean energy don’t get the job done. On top of the wind turbines freezing, many claim that there’s no way to properly dispose of the wind turbines once they are all used up, and they really don’t have much of a shelf life to begin with. So is wind energy truly environmentally feasible? Some who live near windfarms argue that they are aesthetically displeasing to the eye, not to mention the harm they do to wildlife. Gordon Tomb is in to give his thoughts.
  • A look at the latest with COVID with Dr. Jay Battacharya. From concerns about the new COVID variants to vaccination efforts, there is a lot happening in your world. When it comes to the vaccine distribution, are people seeing any side effects? Should kids be getting the vaccine at any point soon? How soon do you plan on getting yours?