The Inner Life March 25th – The Annunciation

The Annunciation. Today in the Church, we celebrate the angel Gabriel’s Annunciation to Mary that she will bear a son and call him Jesus, and that He will be called Son of the Most High. Today on The Inner Life, Father Craig DeYoung joins us for the first time to talk about this special day in the Church.


Caller Story – She had an unplanned pregnancy and was told to have an abortion. She trusted in God and did not have the abortion. She is now married with many kids.

Caller Story – She asked God to allow her to leave her career so that she could take care of her husband. She trusted in Him and God provided for them both.

Caller Story – She was told that her last child would have down syndrome. She was told to have an abortion but he and her husband said no and trusted in God. He is a true blessing to them.