The Patrick Madrid Show: March 02, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Archdiocese calls Johnson & Johnson vaccine ‘morally compromised’ due to abortion ties
  • Kurt – How to live with and deal with family members who support a party he doesn’t?
  • Lisa – Why would God create a world where so many people go to hell?
  • Lorrie – Is it morally wrong to not spend time with family who we disagree with?
  • Fr. Sternberg – Marriage of a Catholic and a non-Catholic
  • Deacon Martin – Marriage is the only self-administered sacrament and the couple can choose to not have Mass.
  • Lillian – Has a Mormon friend who is trying to get me to read the book of Mormon. How do I tell her no?
  • Jim – Is it ok to take the vaccine for my job?
  • Elizabeth – Mormons never came back after husband explained the Catholic faith to them