The Patrick Madrid Show: March 15, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Patrick continues his defense of St. Junipero Sera  from the previous hour and shares resources on the life of the great Saint and missionary of the state of California.
  • Joe – Can you recommend an easy read about Thomas Aquinas?
  • Chuku – Do you have advice on preaching to fellow Youth?
  • Saul – How are people beatified?
  • Patrick discusses the breaking news from Germany and other countries halting the AstraZeneca vaccine due to reactions from the vaccine that are leading to blood clots.
  • Jackie – I won’t be attending my granddaughter’s wedding and I am being told that I am judging. How do I respond?
  • Mary – How do we know how long St. Joseph lived?
  • Randy – Is it appropriate for a layperson to stand up and make announcements during Mass?
  • Mary – How do I deal with family members who won’t forgive me?