The Patrick Madrid Show: March 16, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Patrick shares the story and audio of a woman who was handcuffed and arrested in Texas for refusing to wear a mask at her bank.
  • John – Comments on masks and how it is hard to breath. What was the mission of Jonah? St. Faustina becoming like a child?
  • Patrick shares Sr. Lucia’s list of imperfections; what we need to remove in our lives to be holy.
  • Libby – Can we bless children who have been aborted?
  • Eva – the readings at the Mass I attend are sometimes different from the readings on the USCCB website. Do you know why this would be?
  • Patrick continues to talk about masks based on people’s concern.
  • Greg – Are aborted babies baptized by blood?
  • Elvia – Her daughter left the Church because of her boyfriend. What can I say to her?