The Patrick Madrid Show: March 17, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Karen – If sins are forgiven at Mass, why do we need to go to confession?
  • Cheryl – How do I respond to someone who says that Jesus never condemned homosexuality?
  • Jill – Did Pope John Paul II kiss The Qur’an? How do we know that he is a saint?
  • Patrick discusses the news of a possible law in Utah that would automatically block pornography on phones.
  • Norman – Is falling from grace as big an issue as falling from Christ? Do only Catholics go to heaven?
  • Peter – When we die, what happens to our guardian angel?
  • Patrick recommends Angels and devils by Joan Carroll Cruz
  • Therese – How do I get over guilt? What is a good novena to St. Joseph?
  • Maggie – My daughter is in a same-sex relationship, I need advice on how to approach her on the purpose of our sexuality as God teaches through the Church.