The Patrick Madrid Show: March 18, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Patrick shares an audio montage of the hypocrisy involved with the far left and their references to the “Wuhan Coronavirus,” even after claiming that such references were racist and only made by conservative commentators.
  • Theme parks are opening up in California. Patrick shares his thoughts on news that screaming will not be allowed on rollercoasters.
  • Jim – Asks why the Catholic Church is considered the one true Church? Patrick gives a thorough explanation citing the Bible, Church Fathers and historical facts to defend the Catholic Church as the one true Church.
  • Patrick shares the news that Fox News commentator Juan Williams has been dumped from a PBS panel for not being black enough.
  • Alicia – I have heard that people who die in Lent go straight to heaven. Is this true?
  • Haylie – My job is requiring me to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Is this okay?