The Patrick Madrid Show: March 22, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Laura – I have a family member who is so aggressive about evangelizing that he is driving people away. What do I do?
  • Chris – Why do some people think that the Latin Mass is better than the Novus Ordo?
  • Emily – How can I help convert my mother?
  • Linda – My son passed away and isn’t buried in a Catholic cemetery. Is it ok to sprinkle holy water on the grave?
  • Julie – I walked out on a 30 minute homily that was not based on the gospel but was a rant on people not loving God. Was that ok?
  • Mary – I don’t think my 4-year-old grandson has been baptized. Does he have to be baptized in the Catholic Church?
  • Mary – A friend is trying to pull her brother away from the Church. They are saying the Church has the wrong teaching on the Bible. Trying to give resources