The Patrick Madrid Show: March 23, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Larry – I struggle with the Church teaching on the perpetual virginity of Mary. What does the Church say?
  • Jenny – I have a question about lying and “hiding Jews” during WWII. Isn’t lying always wrong?
  • Anne – In the Spanish bible, the word “Verbo” is used for “The Word”. What isn’t it “La Palabra”?
  • Sandy – I have a son who is 43 and living with me. His kids live with their mom. I think he should be with his kids more. What should I do to encourage him?
  • Vera – Comment about “The Good News”
  • Barbara – When making a rosary, does it need to have a Crucifix or just a cross?
  • Tom – How do you know when you’re doing idolatry?
  • Pat – I have been making rosaries for years and have never made one without a Corpus