The Patrick Madrid Show: March 24, 2021 – Hour 2

  • Verkada hack exposes growing intimacy and danger of American surveillance – The Washington Post
  • Lee – Why would you need an annulment for a marriage not recognized by the Church?
  • Anne – If my daughter lives with her boyfriend and has a baby, can I buy things for the baby?
  • Todd – Shouldn’t it be a rule for priests to not bring their phone into the confessional?
  • Michael – What is the new earth? A friend says he rather be a part of the new earth than heaven.
  • Marie – What is the Catholic teaching on the “rapture”
  • In response to a Catholic caller who is confused by arguments made by a Baptist about the Rapture, Patrick goes through half a dozen key bible verses that demonstrate that although there will be a “rapture” of those alive at the very end of the world when Christ returns, that the popular “pretribulation rapture” theory is unbiblical and a false understanding of scripture
  • Mark – Do you have a good resource for studying the Septuagint?