The Patrick Madrid Show: March 25, 2021 – Hour 1

  • The Airman Who Fell 18,000 Feet without A Parachute & Lived
  • Rod – What is your opinion on dreamcatchers? Is it a door into the spirit world?
  • Bob – If non-Catholic Christians don’t believe in the Real Presence, how do they think they will fulfill the command of Jesus to eat His Body and drink His Blood?
  • Biden: There Isn’t A ‘Single Thing A Man Can Do’ That A Woman Can’t Do Better
  • Patricia – My daughter has said she is transgender. I am worried that in the US we will be forced to pay for these people and their transitions
  • Amanda – If your comment about dreamcatchers is true, can I just do yoga for the exercise?
  • Raul – I am going through problems and miscarriages and now my wife left me. I need advice.