Signs That Your Leadership Approach Isn’t Working

Dave gives you 7 signs that your leadership approach isn’t working

In addition, here’s 5 basic things to look for in an effective leader

Q & A

  • My work environment is damagingly filled with gossip. How do I navigate that environment? I choose to ignore it, but are there ways I can help slow it down or stop it? I’m not a leader and have no power to demand a change.
  • How does someone like Elon Musk do SO MANY THINGS? With so many businesses, how can he be committed to all of them? Or how can he be effective in each one?
  • As a CEO how do you perceive “boycotting?” I’m very upset by the MLB’s decision to leave Georgia for the All Star Game. When did CEO’s start making decisions based on politics?
  • Do you agree with the idea that you should hire slow and fire fast?