Dave’s Favorite Books on Leadership!

Dave gives you his favorite books to read on leadership!

Q & A

  • What are your thoughts on partnerships? Not legally per se, just as it pertains to going it alone or having other stake holders? There seem to be more opinions than circumstances. I’d like your thoughts
  • How do you see the relationship between the “law” and “justice”? I ask this because I have witnessed many people over my career use the “law” and contracts to harm others. Technically, in many of these situations, the law is on their side but morally the situation is corrupt. I’m jaded and disenchanted frankly. How do you see this?
  • My business partner is a tyrant. He is condescending and manipulative. Since we are 50/50 owners and our operating agreement does not concede authority to either one of us, I do not know how to reign him in. He is damaging our culture (40 employees… 8 year old business) and I am ready to leave but I don’t know how. This is a difficult crossroads. I’m not even sure of my question other than, have you seen this before and what should I do?

Revisiting questions from 2 weeks ago

  • My business has remained the same size for seven years. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to grow the business. Why do some companies grow and others do not? (Note: we have a competitor who was our size three years ago, and is now fifty times bigger than us)
  • I’ve always been a top achiever in sales, but have failed when starting my own company, now for the third time. Why do my entrepreneurial ventures fail when I crush sales so well? Have you seen this in others? Why?