Finance Friday

  • Hour 3 of 7-9-21
  • Peter Grandich is one who admits that he would never be allowed on the mainstream financial networks because he speaks the truth. He says what you won’t hear on the other financial news platforms. He also has decided to walk away from professional sports because of their support of BLM. But you will always hear him here. You can learn more about his work at
  • The price of cars is going up! Prepare for sticker shock, as car manufactureres have boosted up prices exponentially. What is contributing to this spike? It has a lot to do with a lack of resources and supplies, including even the computer chips. So what can be expected moving forward? Hear from Jeff Sardina.
  • Has God pulled through in an amazing way? How has He worked that miracle or brought about His providence? Drew takes calls, shares good news stories, and explains how God always gives back in ways we don’t expect when we sacrifice.