Self Checking Yourself: Are You a Good Leader?

Here are 5 traits that are essential for great leaders. Dave gives you a self check list, that you can use to multiply your leadership effectiveness!

Q & A

  • Since Covid my company has been working remote for the most part. 3 months ago we allowed employees to choose whether to work at home or the office, but only 5 to 8 out of 75 show up. When and how should I make them come back to the office?
  • I have a family owned business and I would like to transfer it to my adult children. There are companies who specialize in this sort of transition, but I was wondering if you have ever worked with (or experienced) this sort of transition. I’m wondering if just selling the business to a disinterested party might be the best route vs. selling it to the family.
  • I’m starting a new company and I need to secure funding. I am new to this. When it comes to “what’s life like when someone else owns part of your business?” I’m curious about difference between Angel investors, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity and debt. Any advice on raising money?