4 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing Your Money

Chadd Garcia joins Dave to discuss 4 common mistakes to avoid when investing.

Your track record of success is a collection of the decisions you make. Here’s 8 forks in the road leaders face


Q & A

    • I had a conversation with a consultant about my company. He mentioned that I have a leadership “vacuum” in my business and encouraged me to mentor my successor. The problem is that I don’t have any interest in retiring. What are your thoughts on the concept of a “leadership vacuum?”
    • Can you break down effective spoken communication a bit more? You once said that it was made up of voice quality, physiology, and words (content). I ask because I really need to become better as a public speaker in my new role as a manager. Can you elaborate?
    • What role do you think sports plays in developing character in young people? I was an athlete, yet my son is not interested in sports. I’m struggling to find other ways for him to develop the virtues sports can develop. Any ideas?